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Crossword puzzles!

About a year ago I started a practice of helping my Mom(@merlinworks) with the daily mini every day. After we’d done that for a while I wanted to play them by myself so she would reset her app so I could play it again after her.

After we did that for a while I installed the app on my phone so I could play it on my own time. Soon after, I created a text message group so that my Mom, her sister, and I could share our times with each other.

Since I would usually do mine after them, they texted each other their times and then once I shared my time they would share theirs in the group.

Over the summer we adopted a system where we each send a ‘✔’ emoji once we’ve done it and send our times when we see all three checks.

Concurrently, I had learned about creating bots for Discord.

During the ALF training in California I started work with Will (from Chatham) on a Discord bot to facilitate this system more easily.

We haven’t finished it yet but you can find our source code on GitHub.

Leave a comment if you’d like an invite to the server after its release.

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