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My use of discordapp

For more than a year, I’ve used Discord as my go-to tool for communicating with my gamer friends. I used to use Skype, I switched to Discord because it has less delay to get speech across (important for time-sensitive games) and has some other features I like.

For those of you who are familiar with Slack, Discord shares many feature such as:

  • Invite only messaging communities (slack: teams, discord: servers)
  • Multiple text channels for different topics
  • Emoji reactions for messages
  • Complex search features for messages
  • Compatibility with bots
  • @mention capability (e.g. @timotree)

Slack has some features that I wish Discord had:

  • Threaded replies (the ability to reply to a message directly outside of main channels)
  • Opt-in topic channels (in discord you are by default in every channel)

Discord costs nothing to use and has some features designed specifically for gamers:

  • Low latency voice chat
  • Now playing feature (displays what game you have open)

Next week I intend to blog about something I’d like to change about Discord and my plan to do so.

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