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Discord server governance musings

What I’ve noticed as a Discord server administrator over the past year+:

  1. People like to know the rules of the communities they participate in.
  2. I don’t always know what administration actions people want taken.
  3. People often disagree with my decisions.

What I’ve noticed as a Discord server participant over the past year+:

  1. I like to know what rules the community expects me to follow.
  2. I rarely voice my suggestions to administrators.
  3. I sometimes disagree with the administration decisions taken.

Possible solutions:

  1. Make rules+agreements+guidelines visible and explicit.
  2. Create a clear process for people to have their suggestions heard.
  3. Make decisions based off of community needs.

I intend to build a bot for discord servers which does all the administration automatically based off of voting to address these points.

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