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End of the year

Wow. When I wrote that last blog post I forgot that it was the last blogging time of the 2017-2018 school year. To me, that pretty much represents how this whole school year has felt to me. The weeks kept passing by and every milestone into the year’s progression felt like it came by surprise.

I reflect that I wish I’d gotten more done this year. After the feeling of surprise by how many weeks have already passed come a feeling of confusion at what I did spend my time on for each of those weeks and then a feeling of sadness because I wish I’d spent it on something better.

I find it ironic that at the beginning of this year I made a post about how I’d mastered intentionality. xD

If I really sit back and try to use my lens of wisdom. I think that the real outcomes of this year centered around strengthening my relationships and sense of community, as well as learning a bit about a few skills here and there (chess, wood working, knitting, et al.). While I do understand the idea that building community has value, I still don’t actually see the value that I might have gotten from it.

Maybe the thing that I feel the most proud of from this year is all the areas in which I’ve exercised courage and done something that I was too afraid to do before now. Like participating in physical activities, applying to become a CIT at my summer camp, and other small things that I know I have approached with more courage than I have in the past.

I keep trying to find a moral of this year’s story or some clear takeaway so I can improve next year, but I’m struggling to.

Much love and best wishes — THE TIMMOOOKSsSsSSs

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