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Last Friday, I officially started the graduation process at ALCNYC. I felt was very nervous about graduating which is why I waited until the last possible day to start.

Here are some of my thoughts:
  • Even if I complete the graduation process this year, I can still choose not to graduate.
  • If I fail to complete the process, I will have learned along the way so it won’t be a waste.
  • I want to graduate soon because I want to dedicate my time to Holochain, a cause that I think is both exceedingly important and exceedingly urgent.
  • Since I’m good at coming up with feedback for processes, I want to go through it on the behalf of future graduates.

Here are some of my best ideas for graduation projects:

  • Spending a lot of time farming
  • Taking an internship with a tech company
  • Building a blogging website for the ALC network on Holochain
  • Finishing my WIP non-holochain blogging website for the ALC network (that I work on with a friend)
I’m also gonna make blogging a priority and take Abby’s advice by starting to document reflections on my open source contributions to Holochain.

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