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Hearthstone: I love to play it

In the past few months I have been enjoying, thinking about, and watching countless videos of Hearthstone.

I think the biggest reason I enjoy it is that I have been practicing explaining my ideas and working together on strategies with people.

Some of the games complexities include:

  • Evaluating the strengths of cards to include in decks
  • Choosing combinations of cards that work well together
  • Evaluating strategies that have a possibility of leading to a victory
  • Guessing what your opponent’s deck is
  • Guessing what your opponent has in your hand
  • Being conscious of what information you give to your opponent
  • Intentionally misleading your opponent by giving information

I don’t like that paying money for in-game cards can give an advantage. Let’s see if I end up enjoying it long enough to earn good cards.

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