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My productivity (ft. intention, kanban boards, and language which moves things)

I feel better about myself when I can see that I have spent my time well. When I succeed in spending my time on what I intend to, I feel this way.

In the past I haven’t found it easy to intentionally manage my time. In reflection I would often realize that I spent my time in ways I hadn’t intended. Sometimes I feel satisfied, but often I wish I had spent my time differently.

This article highlights some of the ways I’ve failed to intentionally manage my time and some of the tricks I intend to use in the future.

I notice that the following patterns make it harder for me to manage my time.

  1. When I look for something to do, I can forget about my intentions and do something that I didn’t intend to. (i.e. I fail to prioritize)
  2. When I try to do something, I can start doing something else part-way through and end up not finishing it. (i.e. I get distracted)
  3. When I don’t make a task fun, I can lose interest and give up. (i.e. I procrastinate)

I can support myself to intentionally manage my time if I do the following.

  1. Use a tool to make my intentions visible, so I can easily remember what they are. (e.g. to-do list, kanban board “backlog” columns)
  2. Use a tool to make what I’m currently doing visible, so I can return to it after getting distracted. (e.g. kanban board “doing” column)
  3. Use a tool to hold myself accountable, so I don’t give up on tasks that I don’t make fun. (e.g. declare to human/machine a completion time then check-in at that time) This has the bonus of making it more fun if the human/machine gives you kudos.

I feel very excited that I’ve started to use these tools! I hope that you can get some use out of them too.


    • Timo says:

      This last week in particular I found it hard to get stuff done. I attribute that mostly to a new sleep schedule having caused me to feel overtired.
      I do, however, have reason to believe that these techniques do work because in the first week that I implemented them, succeeded in intentionally managing my time.

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