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Intrinsically Motivated

I’m really happy with how the past couple of weeks are going. I feel like I’m doing a lot and learning a lot. The best part? I haven’t needed to use any sources of external motivation!

In general, however, I tend to have a less happy outlook on my productivity. I spend days and days on “unproductive” activities, don’t contribute to anything besides maybe my Mom’s emotional well-being or something. I notice that I feel tired and low on energy, sometimes I even stay up late and make things worse.

Sometimes, I try to implement external structures to provide motivation. Maybe a group of accountability buddies who can provide social pressure to complete a task or something of the like.

However, even when I’m low energy, it’s not really that I’m unmotivated. I’m very motivated to watch the next video, I get excited about clicking on it. This brings me to the new theory that I’m gonna try on: I’m intrinsically motivated to do things that I want to be doing.

Imagine how cool it would be to think that about yourself!

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