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Minecraft World Sharing Solution

the advice in this blog was last verified in v1.13.1

I was playing Minecraft with some friends yesterday. After we had played for a while on our world, we decided to transfer the world to my computer. I’d like to share with you a problem we ran into and how I solved it.

After retrieving the world files from the minecraft saves folder. My friend sent it to me and I put it in my saves folder. Standard stuff.

We ran into a problem: when I opened the world, I had my friends stuff and spawned where they logged off. The world had remembered which player was the owner.

I realized I was going to need to edit the world files, so I booted up NBTExplorer and opened the `level.dat` file. After I deleted the `Player` tag the problem was resolved!

Hopefully this advice helps you. I’m sure I will look back at this in the future in case I forget.

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