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My Favourite Words!

This will be a series of posts. Today’s word is “value”!

I value precise language and I feel excited about language that invites me to express useful communications. I’d like to tell you about some words I enjoy.

I value objectivity – in other words, I prefer when information is stated precisely and from a perspective.

I consider the statements “friendship is good”, “pineapple is disgusting”, and “you’re being annoying” to be subjective. While I consider the statements, “I love friendships”, “I don’t like pineapple”, “I’m starting to feel annoyed” to be objective.

One word I especially enjoy for this reason is “value”. Written above, “I love friendships”, can be expressed even more concisely as “I value friendships.” I believe that the kinds of communication that using the word “value” make possible can create a fast track to having deep conversations and getting to know people.

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