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History of New ALC Minecraft server!

Since near the end of last school year, some badger players have wanted to start fresh in a new world. After some discussion we chose to create a new server for this world. Just before the end of the school year, @failspy offered to host this new server for us.

In early October 2017 I got access to start to set it up. I finished setting it up in mid October.

Since then, Ryan and I have tried to do some things in the world before opening it to the public. Unfortunately every time we set aside to work on it, we couldn’t access the server.

Last weekend, on Sunday night (Even) @chimp, asked me about our current plans to release the server, I replied saying that Ryan and I wanted to find a time to work on it. Tuesday afternoon Even convinced Ryan and me to change our plans. We decided to open the server Wednesday morning.

On Wednesday morning I failed to open the server do to a glitch so we told everyone that the server would open Thursday. Wednesday afternoon @failspy solved the problem and I opened the server.

Wednesday night Ryan and I did some initial work on the server. See Ryan’s post for what’s happened since.


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