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Taking a break from my mindless and life-draining habits

I spent pretty much all of my free-time at home in the past six days watching YouTube and scrolling through online articles about Rust. I was looking forward to the weekend, where I would finally get a good night’s sleep and then have the energy to get stuff done. It’s Sunday, and I didn’t get a good night’s sleep and don’t have that energy.

This behaviour where I wait until I have energy so I can get my intentions done isn’t just from this week. This is a persistent complaint that I’ve had on and off for years. A few minutes ago, I decided to try out a shift:

I’m taking a break from watching YouTube and reading articles about Rust for seven days.

The moment I made this decision, in the car ride home from my weekend outside of NYC, I felt a huge relief: I realized that when I got home, since I wouldn’t need to watch YouTube, I could take a nap.

I left the car feeling good. My eyes weren’t hurting because I hadn’t been staring at my phone reading articles.

I just left my nap, (I didn’t actually fall asleep but that’s fine) and I felt bored. My first idea was to open my phone and read some Rust articles, nope. My next idea was to go watch some YouTube on the TV, nope. Then I chose to write a blog post.

I was bored, so I wrote a blog post.

I am shocked at how free I feel right now.

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