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Work in progress parody

This is a work in progress parody of the song All Star by Smash Mouth. It was written and sung by Douglas, Even, and me.

Here are our lyrics:

Somebody once told me

To use the sword they sold me

My pick’s not the sharpest tool in the shop

Our bed was looking undefended

So we put wool and pretended

That we’d placed obsidian underneath it


Well, the reds start coming and they don’t stop coming

Fought on the bridge and I hit the void running

Didn’t make sense to share my items

The forge gets full but my team gets none


So much to buy, so hard to try

So what’s wrong with hacking the WiFi

You’re never pro if you bridge slow,

we’ll never win if you just throw


Hey now, you’re a tryhard, get your game on, go win

Hey now you’re a hacker, turn the hacks on, get banned


All the fights that I’ve led, only TNT breaks the bed

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