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Ultimate chicken horse and the legend of SSB

I recently got introduced to a game called Ultimate Chicken Horse. I had loads of fun and after the person who introduced it to me informed me that they didn’t like playing it with me, I got it for myself.

In UCH, you see a start point and end point and you place obstacles or platforms to make it just hard enough that you can get through but no less skilled player can. You then control your character and try to make it through without dying. I find it fun and see many opportunities to improve my skill level.

Over the course of the past couple days, I introduced it to a group of younger people and we’ve played around three hours of it. When seeing how they seemed to relate to the game, I immediately made a comparison to how I used to relate to a game called Super Smash Bros.

Back in the days of Jakebob and the Sterling twins, Ryan brought in his N64 so we could play one of his favorite games from childhood, SSB. The game itself shares many traits with UCH.

When I played SSB, I played it all day long, every day, often skipping lunch. I notice a similar thing happening with the group who play UCH. Back in the old days, it got to a point where Ryan took away his N64 because he didn’t want us to keep spending all our time playing. I guess we’ll see if this situation evolves the same way.

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