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Updates on Graduation Panel

I would like to share these things about how the graduation process is going so far:

  • I’m happy that everyone who I asked to be on my panel said yes.
  • My whole panel met on Saturday (four days ago)
  • I’m glad that all six of us were able to schedule a call together
    • To facilitate this (make it easy), my approach was to:
      1. Find out about the availability of the person who I thought would be least flexible
      2. Pick three exact times that I know would work for both them and me
      3. Suggest those times to the group
    • (thanks Abby and Mommy for the good advice that guided me to this approach)
  • The main outcomes of the call were, I think
    • Some clarity for members of the panel about the details of both my project and the graduation process
    • An intention to create sub-groups in which we collaborate on various aspects of the graduation project
      • Projecting out a timeline based on how long things seem to take
      • Architecting the Holochain data integrity model
      • UX and QA design and testing

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